We place a great deal of importance on the contributions that individuals can make to creating positive results for their teams, for those around them, and for the world at large. This means we are able to discover the merits and value of each individual person instead of focusing simply on the notion of ”work.”

Be Unique -Free Address-

We respect individual styles of working, so our workplaces operate on a “free address” system, without permanently assigned desks or office spaces. This means that we look for highly productive workers with the ability to self-manage — we help our team members do the best they can, but we also respect the importance of time spent with family.

Be Professional

We believe that a person’s occupation is one of the most powerful ways to show what they’re living for. That’s why we work with conviction and a feeling of purpose in the occupations we’ve chosen, the members of our team each giving it our all with a sense of joint ownership and a high degree of specialization.

We aim higher than the rest, and strive for perfection.

We independently design and develop services and products, creating solutions for the problems we face in our everyday lives.

We also develop attractive and highly functional online services and products for clients, too.



Address: 8-18-16, Chiyogaoka, Asaoku, Kawasaki, Kanagawa JAPAN

27 Rue Dunois 75013 Paris FRANCE

Email: support[at]rockinghorseinc.net

Call(Japan): +81(0)8020905999

Call(France): +33(0)630648970

C.E.O Yuichiro M

Number of employees:15

History of a comapny: 2013.12.06 establishment


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We are currently hiring a wide range of capable talent, including both new and previous graduates

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